Sala Verde Single Garlic Pendant - Natural with Silver wire

The Garlic Pendants add a sculptural, organic feature to stairwells, high ceilinged rooms and dark corners.

Strands and strands of abaca fibre are entwined in wire and gathered in bunches to create these light airy, bulbs of garlic. Each is handmade by skilled artisans who form part of a community of craftsmen and women from the southern Philippines.

Abaca is a species of banana native to the Philippines. The plant is harvested every 3 to 8 months for its fibre that is extracted from the leaf sheath around the trunk. These sheaths are then stripped to get the fibres, sun dried, coloured using organic dyes and then either spun into twine or woven into tinalak.

Features include:

  • Dimensions: 120cmH X 70cmW 
  • Materials: Hand made with abaca fibre entwined with wire 
  • Electrics: 1.5m clear cable 
  • Bulb Specs: E27 (not included)
  • Brand: Sala Verde

Pendant lights come fully wired. We recommended you use a licensed electrician to install.



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