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blue and white bedding

1. Relying on Only One Light Source

The key to good lighting is layering it at different heights. "Don't rely on only one kind of light source. Mix a variety of overhead and floor or table lamps," Alan Tanksley says. "Warm 'pools' of light draw people in and create intimacy."

2. Using Overhead Lighting That's Too Bright

"There's nothing worse than bright lights that make you feel like you're onstage," says Barclay Butera says. He recommends using dimmers and soft white bulbs in every room, including bathrooms. "Lighting shouldn't wash down on you: It's harsh and unflattering."

3. Not Thinking About Wattage

"Mood is everything, and who wants to dine in bright light? 60 watts for the dining room,"Barbara Barry says. "I want it bright when reading, so 75 to 100 watts for the living room. It's nice to have options — if you don't have dimmers, then have some variety from 40 to 100 watts, so you can change the mood for the occasion. The bathroom needs overhead as well as side lighting. Keep the overhead to 75 watts, with 60 watts on each side. The best lighting is at eye level, not overhead, which creates shadows. And the best light is diffused light from a white or off-white lampshade."

4. Going Overboard With Recessed Lighting

"Use recessed lighting sparingly. Too many fixtures turn your ceiling into Swiss cheese!"Anthony Baratta says. And be mindful of where you place that kind of lighting. "Limit overhead can lighting to functional areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms — the light is too harsh and flat for your living areas," Timothy Corrigan says.

5. Forgetting About Dimmers

"Lighting is everything. It creates atmosphere, drama, and intrigue in a room. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a dimmer switch. I always use dimmers, even in the powder room!" Martyn Lawrence Bullard says.

6. Light Switches Placed in the Wrong Place

"We locate light switches about 36" above the floor. That way they stay out of the way of the art on our walls. We put switches about 1½" to 2" off the side of the door casing for the same reason," Gil Shafer says.

7. Neglecting Your Closet

Your closet needs attention, too. "Some good, solid recessed lighting is clearly going to help to distinguish this pair of black trousers, from that pair of black trousers!" Scot Meacham Wood says. "We will also regularly add a gallery fixture across the header of built-in closets as a secondary light source. You're regularly working with matching colors and textures while getting dressed each morning, so having good lighting is a requirement."

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The go-with-everything, go-anywhere lighting

How do we know these lamps will work in every room in your home? It's all in the shades. Each one of the parchment shades on these lamps is custom painted—by hand—in a color of your choosing. So whether you're looking to bring in lighting that's the exact shade of your dining room or the perfect accent color to your bedroom walls, you can get precisely what you need. Plus, since the paint brand's lets you identify the BM match to any item you photograph—be it artwork, nature, or nail polish—you can find the color of your dreams and bring it home with far less commitment than an entire room (or even accent wall.)
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Inspired by the smart and stylish collection of bedheads that hit The Home, we’ve compiled three looks that showcase their versatility: Luxe Haven, Scandi Lines, and Modern Feminine. Each one invites, relaxes, and impresses in its own unique way, starting with a classic bedhead. Which look do you love?


Bedroom with luxe peacock blue look

A peacock blue bedhead sets the tone for this striking look that embraces everyday elegance. Dress the bed with a mix of sumptuous textiles and confident patterns such as cosy knits and floral motifs. Royal blue and glamorous gold touches are soothed with grey and cream shades for a look that won’t date.


TIP: Peacock blue is a surprisingly easy colour to combine with others. Pair it with beige, white, metallic, and vibrant shades such as pops of hot pink.




Bedroom with Scandi modern look

Play all the right angles with this look that offsets a dark coloured bedhead with dazzling geometrics. It’s a bright and playful kick for a bedroom that likes its plumped-up comfort with fun! Make the fashion-forward look timeless with the addition of classic shades in grey and cream. Add a few simple curves such as a round side table or circle rug to ground your angled look.


TIP: Keep colours consistent when mixing geometric patterns to avoid
an overwhelming finish.



Bedroom style with modern feminine look


A confident mix of pattern brings a cosy look to this modern bedroom. The key to each motif working here is the colour combination used throughout. The bedhead, throw cushion, rug, and quilt cover complement one another in a palette of warm sunshine gold and moody blues, while a touch of neutrals and provincial side table softens the bold patterns.

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‘Tis the season to spruce up the spare bedroom. With family and friends travelling from far and wide to celebrate the holidays with you, put your best foot forward with an inviting space that ticks all their boxes.


Don’t let visitors walk into a mess. Regularly organise and tidy the guest room if you’re using it as a study or storage room. And don’t forget to clear some drawers and closet space so guests can hang and fold their clothes.



Always have spare linen and pillows stored and ready to go. Plan your schedule so you’re left enough time to wash and air them out prior to the visit. Consider the weather and choose bedlinen accordingly.


BED2_622px (1)


Fit the side table with an alarm clock, water jug, and lamp, and ensure your guest has easy access to power points for charging mobile phones. It’s these thoughtful details that will make your guests feel at home.



Place essential towels and toiletries in the room, and brighten up the space with fresh flowers. Burn a scented candle or spritz with room spray before they arrive for an inviting scent.



If you’re by the beach be sure to leave a beach bag in the room with sunscreen, beach towels, spare hats and after sun care. For those embarking on the city sights, provide information on local attractions, boutique stores and your favourite eateries.


Some rooms are lucky to have lots of natural light. Others not so much. Make sure there are options so no one is waking up (and trying to walk around) in the dark.

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The thought of a kitchen makeover may seem very daunting. The vision of the busiest spot in your home being torn apart with no flooring, cabinets off their hinges and mounds of sawdust probably has you reeling. Before you simply put the thought of a kitchen makeover out of your mind, there are several ways to transform your kitchen inexpensively and without the backbreaking mess usually associated with such a change.

yellow walled kitchen 

red wall in kitchen


One quick and easy way to instantly add some “oomph” to a space is to add an accent wall. Choose a bright and bold color near the entry to create a warm welcome. Not only will it add excitement to your kitchen space, it will create an instant color scheme to build the rest of the room around with your decorating.

tiled backsplash in kitchen

Another inexpensive way to amp up the style of your kitchen for cheap is to spice up your backsplash with new tile. Easy-to-use peel and stick tile is available at most home improvement retailers and offers a chance to add a bold pattern, modern metallic finish, or subtle color in a snap. Tile is an easy inexpensive way to alter the look of your kitchen and it’s very user-friendly. Most homeowners feel they can handle the installation of this project without hiring a professional.

glass front cabinets in kitchen

Adding glass fronts to your cabinets not only adds dimension to your kitchen but it creates a whole new look to the space. Painting the cabinets is also a thought that might make most homeowners cringe when they think about it, but it instantly revives a space. Paint is inexpensive and offers a quick alternative to all new cabinetry. So before you begin tearing out your old cabinets, seriously consider painting the exterior. If painting is too intimidating, then try replacing your cabinet hardware and give them a new look that way. Relatively inexpensive, this easy fix will overhaul a dated kitchen in no time at all.

Maybe your appliances are looking a bit tired. They still work just fine, but they look a bit dated. You aren’t necessarily ready to invest in new appliances either. Consider ordering new doors or face panels for your appliances from the manufacturer. Also, many dishwasher panels are white and black on the other side. It can also be as easy as removing a couple of screws and flipping the panel over. Suddenly the appliance will have a whole new fresh look.

kitchen with attractive upholstered barstools

Most kitchen spaces are comprised of many hard surfaces from countertops to flooring, so fabric doesn’t typically come to mind right away. But, many kitchens today include breakfast bar areas where barstools offer a spot for casual dining. Reupholstering the seat or adding padded cushions in a new exciting print can instantly create new visual interest with little investment.

One more easy and economical way to take your kitchen’s style to the next level is adding crown molding to the space. Simply paint the pieces to match your décor and use a nail gun to hang them at the wall-ceiling seam. This do-it-yourself project should only take an afternoon at the most, but the added degree of style will make your kitchen “hotter” than it ever was before!

Implementing one or all of these suggestions not only will transform your kitchen, but it will update its look in an economically responsible way that will leave your kitchen full of style with lots of bang for the buck. Turn this high-traffic space into a place that breathes new life with these simple tips.

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Functional and Decorative - Floor Lamps

Arc Floor Lamp - Black - Industrial Lighting Studio

Make sure that the floor lamp is at least 68 inches tall; this way whether standing or sitting the shade will hide the bulb and keep it from looking tacky. With correct placement, light can be evenly distributed throughout any room.

What Type is Needed?

Whether there's a need to brighten up a random space with overall brightness there is a floor lamp for that. On the flip side, one may be searching for some mood lighting, or focused lighting for a favorite reading spot.

When it comes to ambient lighting one will want to choose an upward facing globe style, for directional lighting near a desk or to accent a space a lamp with a shade is best, and it should be opaque.

It's also best to be sure a lamp is proportionate to the room it's being placed in, or the furniture it will be close to. Being visually appealing is just as important as having ample light.

Types of Floor Lamps to Choose From

There are several types of floor lamp, and knowing the names and styles before shopping will make things much easier. Below are the various styles for consideration.

Console - This is the basic style, however they are typically just referred to as floor lamps and not console. They will have a round base and feature a cloth or globe shade.

Torchiere - More lavishly presented, the torchiere is usually around six-foot tall and features a bowl-shaped shade that casts light upward. Since the light reflects off of the ceiling this is a perfect choice for indirect lighting.

Arc - The Arc floor lamp features a bent pole making it perfect for a reading space. Place them by a single chair or couch for the best effect.

Swing Arm - The Swing Arm features a triple-joint that allows the user to direct light wherever they please be it vertically or horizontally.

Track Tree- Three or more sockets branch off of a single pole on the track tree floor lamp. The sockets are housed in interesting globes or shades in various colors and styles. This adds a very fun element to any room.

Tray - Tray floor lamps feature the classic console style with a built in tray for anyone that wants to save floor space and forego an end table.

Lamp Care

Floor lamps are extremely easy to care for. Most just require a regular dusting, and modern bulbs last so long that one will be surprised when it's time to replace them.


How to Use Pendant Lighting in a Variety of Spaces

Metal, glass and wooden pendant lights are all popular choices. They come in mini, multi, drum, up light and down light versions. Explore these different styles below.

Mini Pendant Lights - As the tiniest version these can illuminate work spaces and kitchen islands well. They're not thought of as ambient lighting, but can reinvent the feeling within a space more than any other options. They act as a focal point, or a lighting work of art as they are super stylish and can be quite chic. Anyone will find that they command attention and create vigor.

Multi Pendant Lights - Multi Light Pendants are fixtures that feature multiple hanging lights, all connected to a centralized point. They give a comparable look to individuals only they're better for a room with one overhead electrical point for connecting. They are sensational, striking and versatile. Use glass or wooden pendant lights over a table of any kind, work areas or even kitchen islands and counters.

Drum Pendant Lights - Drum Pendants are light fixtures featuring a cylindrical drum-style shade. These types work seamlessly in every room. Choose a basic white cloth shade or a dark shade with metal features. There are also patterned shades to add fun, as well as double or triple concentric styles that have gained in popularity as of late. Anyone that wants to add some style can easily do so with a drum, pendant light.

Drum Pendant Lamp Nickel Canopy - Brown - Industrial Lighting Studio

Up Light Pendants - Up Light Pendants are fixtures that shine light upward. This type is great for basic lighting, as the light shines skyward and can enlarge a space with ease. One will find that ceramic, glass or wooden pendant lights in this style make a statement.

Down Light Pendants - Down Light Pendants are fixtures that shine direct light downward, and they are best for work lighting to completely illuminate any task at hand.

Black Iron Pendant Light - Mushroom - Wood Finial - Industrial Lighting Studio

How to Place Pendant Lights

Correct placement of glass or wooden pendant lights is essential to creating a decorative and task driven appeal. Common places for them are over a dining table, kitchen island, billiard table, hallway or bathroom however there really is no limit to their placement.

In kitchens over an island, they are usually for tasks, but can also augment design elements. They should be thirty to forty inches above the surface, and definitely not get in the way of a cooktop if one is present. However, they should be low enough to help with reading that favorite recipe.

In the dining room, these lights can replace the classic chandelier of days past to play with the appearance and style completely. The lights should be thirty to thirty-six inches above the table, and possibly higher for a larger table. A lower placed light will create a cozy atmosphere, but beware of having it so low that it shines into diners' eyes.

In hallways and other areas, it adds grace and striking style. The light and shadows cast by them is astounding. Hang them in an even row down the length of a hall for a classic look, or hang one by itself or in a cluster in a foyer. The length should fall between twelve and sixteen inches for a typical 8-foot ceiling, and eighteen to twenty-four for taller ceilings.

It's important to remember that no one is limited to using glass, ceramic and wooden pendant lights among others only for the places discussed. One should always be open to their imagination when it comes to decorating their home.

Expect a wide range of lighting choices from the premier custom lighting company in Victoria Australia. For over 40 years they've been serving the community with innovative light fixtures from top markets throughout Europe and America. As a company that shows interest in their customer desires, these professionals are knowledgeable about all the latest trends in lighting. You'll never be disappointed with the fine selection of traditional, modern, lavish and custom lighting pieces offered to you. Make Designers of Light your first stop whenever you need lighting of any kind and invest in a quality fixture that you'll love for years.

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Top Reasons Why Vintage Lighting Should Be In Your Home

Vintage Brass Giant Bell Pendant Light

If there is any type of lighting out there that is similar to a delicate yet beautiful piece of jewellery, it is vintage lighting. It holds the power to transform even the plainest of rooms into a glamorous and nostalgic heaven.

It doesn’t matter if your personal taste leans toward classic mid-century table lamps or wall sconces, because vintage light fixtures give off a rich, old-era vibe that changes the overall atmosphere of a room.

Five Reasons Why Vintage Lighting Will Benefit Your House:

1. It give your home a sense of age, and maturity

If your grandparents ever lived in one of those old Victorian town houses, then surely you must be familiar with the copper and bras lighting fixtures they had installed. Part of the charm of those beautiful houses lied in that very lighting.

Imagine recreating that lighting in your own home. Not only will you bring back some of the beauty of the old age back, but you will give your home a sense of age, of maturity. You house will instantly seem older, as if it’s been there for centuries. This will make anyone who walks into your home instantly feel a sense of respect for you and your house.

2. It can help you bring back the lighting design of a past era

Vintage lighting and industrial lighting are two sides of the same coin. While the term „vintage” can make you think of this type of lighting as restrictive and limiting, in truth, it is anything but that. Since they come in many styles, you can easily bring back the quirky vibe of the 50’s or the pompous mood of the Victorian age. It all depends on your preference.

Can you say the same about modern light fixtures? No, you can’t.

3. It looks especially good in the kitchen or dining room

Moving on to specifics, the kitchen and the dining room look very good in vintage lighting. Especially if said vintage light fixtures are contrasting the minimalistic or modern look of the room in question.

The metallic shine of the copper combined with the modern and sleek design of your family kitchen makes for a visually appealing room.

4. They are extremely versatile

You see, vintage lighting or industrial lighting fixtures come in many shapes and sizes – not to mention colours and styles. This allows for an insane amount of design possibilities that you can take advantage of in order to add some magic to your home. From exposed filaments, to dome-like copper pendant lights, you can find virtually anything you want in vintage light world.

When so many possibilities are available to you, it falls onto you to create wonderful design. All it takes is a little imagination on your behalf and you can easily create or recreate your dream home.

5. Taking the brass and copper to the great outdoors

Who doesn’t like having lights outside? Especially vintage copper fixtures to delicately light up those hot summer nights. Just think about those natural looking, warm vintage lights illuminating your backyard while you lay under the starry sky sipping refreshments.

Regardless if you live in a suburb or in the big city, the chances are you do have a little outdoor space such as a balcony or – best case scenario- your very own backyard.

You can decorate your outdoor space either with tiny and dim pendant lights for a magical atmosphere or install miniature street lamps in your backyard for decent lighting. It’s your call!



Outdoor lighting ideas that add Style to the Home

When visiting a local store or browsing online, be sure to ask which of their fixtures are made for outdoor use and then let the creative juices flow from there. Here are some popular ideas for decorative outdoor garden lighting to get going!


Hanging lights outside are so versatile that they don't have to just be over a table on a porch. If one is willing, there are a great many ways to make them work as decorative outdoor garden lighting.

In a seating area - Come together with friends and family in comfort and create a space where there can be drinks served, cards and other games played and much more.

From trees - Though this may be tricky it can create a very romantic space outdoors with the right hanging light fixtures.

On a balcony - Illuminate the balcony so it can be enjoyed in the evening as well. It's the perfect place for a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Surrounding a patio- Define the patio or other space by surrounding it with hanging lights. Place them strategically to go all the way around or even just at the corners.

From an umbrella - During the day, the umbrella blocks the sunshine; but at night it can illuminate a place to sit and visit with friends and family.

By the outdoor fireplace or pit - Though the fire pit gives off a lovely glow the warmth can be extended when hanging, decorative outdoor garden lighting is added.


Landscape lights can highlight the areas of the property the owners are most proud of; making them visible after the sun goes down. More importantly they make the area safe so there are no falls from guests or family members.

unique outdoor lighting ideas

Lampposts - A well placed and stylish lamppost can welcome any visitors to the home and help them see the walkway to the front door.

Porch lights - Porch lights not only light up the steps and doorway, but are a fashionable addition to the home. Many attempt to match the style of porch lights and lampposts.

Walkways and paths - Be sure walkways and paths are illuminated at night so that outdoor living is safe and also pretty. This makes it easier to get around after dark.

In the yard - Various points in the yard can be lit with decorative outdoor garden lighting so that it's easier to navigate and avoid stepping in or on something and becoming injured.

Gardens, fountains and ponds - Show off these elements with beautiful lighting so they can be admired at night. Add lighting to a gazebo, archway or other fixture and take a midnight stroll.

Swimming areas - Night swimming is spectacular! Though there may be lights in the pool itself it is important to keep the surrounding yard and patio lit as well for safety and security, and also to make it feel warmer.

Wall and Ceiling

There are all styles and sizes of wall and ceiling lights for decorative outdoor garden lighting. Use various styles of lighting on screened in or open porches and patios, place them on walls outside of the garage for playing basketball or safe navigation upon leaving and returning home.

Any covered areas can benefit from a ceiling light. Gazebos are more useful when they are accessible after sunset, and both types are perfect for the front porch.

Expect a wide range of lighting choices from the premier custom lighting company in Victoria Australia. For over 40 years they've been serving the community with innovative light fixtures from top markets throughout Europe and America. As a company that shows interest in their customer desires, these professionals are knowledgeable about all the latest trends in lighting. You'll never be disappointed with the fine selection of traditional, modern, lavish and custom lighting pieces offered to you. Make Designers of Light your first stop whenever you need lighting of any kind and invest in a quality fixture that you'll love for years.

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Add Light and Great Style with Chandeliers

A chandelier is defined as “a branched, ceiling-mounted light fixture with two or more arms bearing lights." During the medieval times, they were made of wooden beams usually shaped as a cross with metal spikes on top to hold candles. It was hoisted towards the ceiling using a rope or chain, and was depended upon as a useful light source. They evolved into more delicate designs involving crystals and stones, and became more apparent in palaces, places of royalty and the wealthy. Today, the chandelier is used in a more decorative way, adding a luxurious presence to the home.
Nonetheless, chandeliers can add wonderful ambience to just about any room. They are designed to float in a room as an element of the design. It can serve as a room’s centerpiece without taking over the entire space. Chandeliers can be a great conversation piece, as well as a part of the home that really makes you feel as though you are living in luxury. They are elegant and unparalleled additions and command attention like no other furnishing. There are many points to consider when choosing a chandelier. Size, materials and light emission are crucial when determining the perfect chandelier for a room. Vertical and horizontal sizes are important decisions to make when selecting a chandelier. A fixture that is too large may overwhelm the space, however, one too small will appear out of place or insignificant. The design and size of the chandelier will also affect the hanging height.
- If the room is smaller than 10' by 10', choose a 17" to 20" diameter chandelier.
- If the room is about 12' x 12', a 24" to 27" chandelier would be an accurate size.
- If the room is about 14' x 14', try a 24" to 36" diameter chandelier.
Another way to help determine the proper size chandelier for a room is to add the dimensions together. For example, if your room is 12' by 17', add the 12 plus 17 to get 29. Therefore, a proper size chandelier would be around 29" diameter for that room. The length at which the chandelier should hang depends on the ceiling height of that particular room. The bottom of the fixture should not hang more than 7' from the floor. If windows are present, center the chandelier in the window so it can be seen from the outside.
Since a chandelier will be a focus piece in the room, it is vital to choose materials that will enhance the decor of the area. Lavish and visually dazzling light fittings can create the most beautiful kind of lighting. The combination of crystals and candles conjures up all kinds of nostalgic feelings about chandeliers. Crystal and glass fixtures are very popular and represent a romantic sense of wealth. Chandeliers can also come in different metals such as brass, wrought iron, silver and steel. A wrought iron chandelier produces a magnificent appearance. Stone, beads, shell and capiz chandeliers aren’t quite as fancy, but definitely provide a more edgy or whimsical look. Antler chandeliers from elk or deer embody a rustic style and are perfect for log cabins and rustic lodges. For a room with a traditional style, a fixture with more ornamentation and intricate designs will fit best.
Serene bedroom with handsome chandelier
Another appropriate method to help choose the materials is to begin with a color or element that is
influential in the decoration scheme of the room. You want your chandelier color to compliment your existing finishes. Brushed bronze, black, silver or even gold can be neutral tones that will match most decorating schemes. If you already have a warm, rich, wood and earth-toned theme, a bronze or gold finished chandelier may work best.
Contemporary entry foyer with modern chandelier
Chandeliers have multiple bulbs and tend to shed a lot of light. The amount of illumination that you will need can be calculated upon this formula: Length x Width x 1.5 = wattage 
For example, a room that is 12 x 15 feet will need bulbs that produce a combined total of 270 watts. A chandelier with 6 bulbs that are 40 watts will most likely provide adequate illumination, especially if complemented by sconces, lamps, or other light fixtures. A more general rule to provide sufficient light with the total wattage of all bulbs is 100 watts to 400 watts. Since chandeliers of recent times are not used as a light source but more as a decorative piece, placing your chandelier on a dimmer is a great option. A dimmer allows adjustment to the light level in order to set the perfect mood.
A very common spot for a chandelier is often found in the dining room. It is important to make sure that the chandelier is low enough to light up the eating area without interfering with the sight line of the people seated at the table. The general rule is to measure 30" to 36" from the surface of the table to the bottom of the fixture to insure good illumination. Additionally, it should be about 12" narrower than the width of the table so it will not interfere with people’s heads. Often, the best thing to do is hold the fixture over the table and move it up and down until it looks right.
elegant European luxury home with entry chandelier
The perfect chandelier in the foyer will create a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter the home. It should provide the general light needed to greet guests and assure a safe passage into your home. When determining whether to hang a flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandelier in your foyer, consider the ceiling height of the foyer and remember to keep it around 7 feet above the floor. For two-story foyers with a window above the front door, center the chandelier so it can be seen from outside. If your foyer is extra-large, you may also want to add matching sconces. They should be installed about 5 feet from the floor and around 6' to 8' apart.

A chandelier hanging at the top of a stairway can be a great focus point. Staircases are often overlooked when it comes to home decor, so the simple addition of a chandelier can integrate this space into the rest of your living area.
elegant master bath with chandelier
If you are placing your chandelier in a room with a relatively low ceiling like some bedrooms, consider purchasing a mini chandelier. In recent years, mini chandeliers have been gaining popularity for their ability to fit nicely into small spaces without sacrificing the character that a high-quality chandelier exhibits.
For countless years, chandeliers have long provided a majestic form of lighting that makes the space look grand and stately like no other lighting fixture. It can be a decorative accent or lovely centerpiece to just about any room in the home. Since matching the style of the room is of utmost importance, do not be afraid to experiment with different sizes, tastes and designs of chandeliers to see which one works best for your home.