Inspired by the smart and stylish collection of bedheads that hit The Home, we’ve compiled three looks that showcase their versatility: Luxe Haven, Scandi Lines, and Modern Feminine. Each one invites, relaxes, and impresses in its own unique way, starting with a classic bedhead. Which look do you love?


Bedroom with luxe peacock blue look

A peacock blue bedhead sets the tone for this striking look that embraces everyday elegance. Dress the bed with a mix of sumptuous textiles and confident patterns such as cosy knits and floral motifs. Royal blue and glamorous gold touches are soothed with grey and cream shades for a look that won’t date.


TIP: Peacock blue is a surprisingly easy colour to combine with others. Pair it with beige, white, metallic, and vibrant shades such as pops of hot pink.




Bedroom with Scandi modern look

Play all the right angles with this look that offsets a dark coloured bedhead with dazzling geometrics. It’s a bright and playful kick for a bedroom that likes its plumped-up comfort with fun! Make the fashion-forward look timeless with the addition of classic shades in grey and cream. Add a few simple curves such as a round side table or circle rug to ground your angled look.


TIP: Keep colours consistent when mixing geometric patterns to avoid
an overwhelming finish.



Bedroom style with modern feminine look


A confident mix of pattern brings a cosy look to this modern bedroom. The key to each motif working here is the colour combination used throughout. The bedhead, throw cushion, rug, and quilt cover complement one another in a palette of warm sunshine gold and moody blues, while a touch of neutrals and provincial side table softens the bold patterns.

Article Source: thehome.com

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