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Make sure that the floor lamp is at least 68 inches tall; this way whether standing or sitting the shade will hide the bulb and keep it from looking tacky. With correct placement, light can be evenly distributed throughout any room.

What Type is Needed?

Whether there's a need to brighten up a random space with overall brightness there is a floor lamp for that. On the flip side, one may be searching for some mood lighting, or focused lighting for a favorite reading spot.

When it comes to ambient lighting one will want to choose an upward facing globe style, for directional lighting near a desk or to accent a space a lamp with a shade is best, and it should be opaque.

It's also best to be sure a lamp is proportionate to the room it's being placed in, or the furniture it will be close to. Being visually appealing is just as important as having ample light.

Types of Floor Lamps to Choose From

There are several types of floor lamp, and knowing the names and styles before shopping will make things much easier. Below are the various styles for consideration.

Console - This is the basic style, however they are typically just referred to as floor lamps and not console. They will have a round base and feature a cloth or globe shade.

Torchiere - More lavishly presented, the torchiere is usually around six-foot tall and features a bowl-shaped shade that casts light upward. Since the light reflects off of the ceiling this is a perfect choice for indirect lighting.

Arc - The Arc floor lamp features a bent pole making it perfect for a reading space. Place them by a single chair or couch for the best effect.

Swing Arm - The Swing Arm features a triple-joint that allows the user to direct light wherever they please be it vertically or horizontally.

Track Tree- Three or more sockets branch off of a single pole on the track tree floor lamp. The sockets are housed in interesting globes or shades in various colors and styles. This adds a very fun element to any room.

Tray - Tray floor lamps feature the classic console style with a built in tray for anyone that wants to save floor space and forego an end table.

Lamp Care

Floor lamps are extremely easy to care for. Most just require a regular dusting, and modern bulbs last so long that one will be surprised when it's time to replace them.


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