Meet Sofamo the Eco-Friendly Children's Bedroom Supplier

Why would you look only for original style when you can combine it to the eco-friendly aspect? 

That's exactly what we found in Sofamo's products, with its range of unique baby and kid's bedroom furniture, combining gentle curves and modern lines to soft colours and cute and lasting designs. 

They evolved from the regular manufacturing process to provide the best in this industry, by producing low formaldehyde contents, no VOCs and PEFC certified beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes and more. 

Sofamo's eco-friendly choices will help parents decide what is the best for their children.

The Sofamo Story

Sofamo was created in France in 1982 and developed its activity by manufacturing furniture for other companies.

In 1987, Sofamo started its own line of living room and bedroom furniture and quickly gained new contracts with leading resellers.

In 1992, the company prospected for new markets and started exporting its products to Belgium and Switzerland, while strengthening its presence in Tahiti and New Caledonia. 

But from 1994 onwards, the furnishing sector slowed down, putting Sofamo in hardship and eventually in receivership in 1999. It's was time to re-think its place and market; Sofamo started then to develop a range of kid's furniture in partnership with a mail order merchant, and developed a shop outfitting production.

From then on, Sofamo slowly got back on its feet; it regularly purchased new equipment and machinery, and steadily increased its workforce. Its modernisation was a big help into finding new contracts, those being mainly as manufacturer for shop outfitting companies, but as well for furniture companies.

In the mean time, Sofamo's bedroom furniture range got more and more successful and the company looked at expanding its mail order market to more European countries.

In 2007, with the booming of internet retailers, Sofamo decided to design and sale its own range of bedroom furniture dedicated to babies and children, directly to its customers via its online website. Today, this very successful company sells its products in countries like France, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and many more throughout Europe, as well as Tahiti and New Caledonia. 

Since 2014, some of their products can be purchased in Australia via Little People's Bedroom!

Sofamo's commitments:

These last few years have seen Sofamo getting more and more aware of environmental and health issues and it has become actively involved in offering environmentaly-friendly products.

Some of their actions are:

  • Use of low formaldehyde contents panels
  • Use of water-based paints, without Volatile Organic Compounds
  • PEFC certified chain of custody
  • Recycled packing materials (carton)

All of these actions means that none of their products compounds will evaporate harmful contents into the air of your child's bedroom, allowing him or her to breathe healthily!

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