Top Reasons Why Vintage Lighting Should Be In Your Home

Vintage Brass Giant Bell Pendant Light

If there is any type of lighting out there that is similar to a delicate yet beautiful piece of jewellery, it is vintage lighting. It holds the power to transform even the plainest of rooms into a glamorous and nostalgic heaven.

It doesn’t matter if your personal taste leans toward classic mid-century table lamps or wall sconces, because vintage light fixtures give off a rich, old-era vibe that changes the overall atmosphere of a room.

Five Reasons Why Vintage Lighting Will Benefit Your House:

1. It give your home a sense of age, and maturity

If your grandparents ever lived in one of those old Victorian town houses, then surely you must be familiar with the copper and bras lighting fixtures they had installed. Part of the charm of those beautiful houses lied in that very lighting.

Imagine recreating that lighting in your own home. Not only will you bring back some of the beauty of the old age back, but you will give your home a sense of age, of maturity. You house will instantly seem older, as if it’s been there for centuries. This will make anyone who walks into your home instantly feel a sense of respect for you and your house.

2. It can help you bring back the lighting design of a past era

Vintage lighting and industrial lighting are two sides of the same coin. While the term „vintage” can make you think of this type of lighting as restrictive and limiting, in truth, it is anything but that. Since they come in many styles, you can easily bring back the quirky vibe of the 50’s or the pompous mood of the Victorian age. It all depends on your preference.

Can you say the same about modern light fixtures? No, you can’t.

3. It looks especially good in the kitchen or dining room

Moving on to specifics, the kitchen and the dining room look very good in vintage lighting. Especially if said vintage light fixtures are contrasting the minimalistic or modern look of the room in question.

The metallic shine of the copper combined with the modern and sleek design of your family kitchen makes for a visually appealing room.

4. They are extremely versatile

You see, vintage lighting or industrial lighting fixtures come in many shapes and sizes – not to mention colours and styles. This allows for an insane amount of design possibilities that you can take advantage of in order to add some magic to your home. From exposed filaments, to dome-like copper pendant lights, you can find virtually anything you want in vintage light world.

When so many possibilities are available to you, it falls onto you to create wonderful design. All it takes is a little imagination on your behalf and you can easily create or recreate your dream home.

5. Taking the brass and copper to the great outdoors

Who doesn’t like having lights outside? Especially vintage copper fixtures to delicately light up those hot summer nights. Just think about those natural looking, warm vintage lights illuminating your backyard while you lay under the starry sky sipping refreshments.

Regardless if you live in a suburb or in the big city, the chances are you do have a little outdoor space such as a balcony or – best case scenario- your very own backyard.

You can decorate your outdoor space either with tiny and dim pendant lights for a magical atmosphere or install miniature street lamps in your backyard for decent lighting. It’s your call!



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