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A Floor Lamps can be a great lighting fixture and can be used for both functional and decorative purposes. However, choosing the right light for your needs can be a little tricky, especially if you haven't done it before. Fortunately, considering a couple of things before buying a Floor Lamp will ensure you will get one that meets your needs and expectations. So, what are the things you should consider? Use, style and size.


Ponder these questions: in what room will you place the light? What is the furniture style in the room? Contemporary, Rustic, Antique, Modern, Art Deco, Country? What materials are the furniture made of? Metal, glass, wood, plastic? What are the colors of the walls in the room and the furniture? If, for example, you have a contemporary style furniture at home, you want to get a contemporary style light like spiral, tower or arc Floor Lamps. And, if you have antique style furniture at home, a solid wood Floor Lamp may be a good option.


You should carefully consider the size of the room in which you will place the floor light. In a big room, a low lamp may appear lost and in a small room a high lamp may appear overwhelming. Think about relativity when deciding the size of the light. You should not only take into account the height of the room but also its width.When picking an ideal lamp consider its purpose. These lamps can be used to serve several diverse functions. Arc Floor Lamp can be twisted around to highlight an art piece, or to compliment a design style without taking up too much space. One of the design characteristics inherent in most Floor Lamps is that they consist of a wide base and narrow neck leading up to the bulb. This means they rarely take up too much space in the room.

Some lamps have inverted lamp shades that direct light upwards into the ceiling. These are ideal when you want a lamp to provide general lighting for the room, you can tweak this by using dimmer switches to allow you to set just the right amount of light for the room, be it a cozy evening at home, or a well lit party.

If the room is wide you should get a wide-looking lamp and if the room is narrow you should get a slim-looking lamp. Considering the three factors; use, style and size will greatly increase your chances of getting the right floor light. However, it won't help you avoid lights that have some constructional defects and that can be a nuisance during operation. Therefore, wherever possible, check online reviews from people, that have bought the floor lamp and have been using it for some time, before making a purchase.

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